Monday, February 15, 2010

My Free iPhone App Download

Greetings from Vancouver, my fellow Onioniods! What excitement to be in the center of the Winter Olympic action! I had my notes all ready to share with you on the weekend’s events, but as I was cheering on the USA in Snowboarding, I spilled my orange juice all over them! While I am here, I had better give my Black & Decker Fruit & Vegetable Juice Extractor a break so this doesn’t happen again. I will get them cleaned up here in the next few days and summarize the events.

Anyway, in my hurry to get to Vancouver, I almost forgot to share the news…. My friends and I have released a Free iPhone Game Application! It’s a great game to test your quickness, and you can see the adorable cartoon version of me. Not only is it a free download, but by playing it, you can also win a free OrangeOnions gift card! All you have to do is submit your high score and you will automatically be entered into the drawing. You can also get on my High Scoreboard, which shows the Top Ten scores of all time. See all the details on the Free iPhone App Page of the Web site. If you want to download the application, head to the iTunes Store to get it today.

Well, that’s all for now, I will be back to give you a summary of all I have seen and done in the first few days of the Olympics. Go USA!

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