Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Olympic Fever

Hello everybody! It’s your intrepid reporter, Oliver here, bringing you the latest and greatest from the Pacific Northwest. Now my personal preference throughout the Olympics is to bring you those heartwarming stories that bring you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside, like the Daily Deal at, but, being that I’m charged with bringing you the absolute truth and nothing but; I must report on all things Olympic.

Which brings us to the story of speed skater, Sven Kramer of The Netherlands. Sven skated his buns off best effort for 25 laps in the 10,000 meter long track speed skating event and set an Olympic record by finishing in 12 minutes 54.50 seconds. He was friggin mad mildly surprised when he realized that his dim-witted beloved coach, Gerard Kemkers royally screwed up made a minor mistake and told Sven to make an illegal lane change which disqualified him and cost him the gold medal! Now, in America, when you make an illegal lane change, you get some angry looks and maybe a honk or two from an irate driver, but it doesn’t cost you a gold medal. As for Sven, all I can say is I feel for ya, Sven!

This story makes me think of how hard it is to win a gold medal in the Olympics. However, I do know of something that is simple to win, and that’s a Cabbage Patch Doll from OrangeOnions! They give away one every week. Find out how you can win!

Well, I am off to my next event, I’m not sure what it will be, but I think it will involve ice or snow in some way!

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