Monday, April 26, 2010

Mother's Day Gift Tips

Well hello there everybody! The Orange Onions are in bloom and that means your old friend Oliver is back from wherever Orange Onions hang out when they’re not around!

I know Mother’s Day is around the corner and I’d like to offer you some tips for one of the more important days on our calendar. Ever since the 3rd grade, I’ve often thought about Mother’s Day. That’s when I learnt that:
  • Not every gift is a wise choice and
  • The saying “it’s the thought that counts” doesn’t always ring true.
3rd grade is when my classmate, Billy Tyler, decided to surprise our math teacher, Mrs. Buxby for Mother’s Day and bring his pride and joy, his state of the art, self contained, maintenance-free ANT FARM into class and show her that his ants, those cute little things, had learned how to climb out of the farm, once he pulled the facing off of the box! Well, Mrs. Buxby’s reaction was quite memorable, but I’m not sure that ranked high on her list of Mother’s Day surprises.

So, I’m here to tell you that I’ll be offering sound advice and tips for all you people out there looking for the perfect gift for your Mother/wife/daughter/mother-in-law/daughter-in-law/significant other, whomever for this Mother’s Day. Without further ado, here is Oliver’s:


TIP #1 – Don’t ever, ever take advice from Billy Tyler on what to buy for Mother’s Day.

How’s that for some sound advice? Eh? Believe me, I have some more pearls of wisdom to share over the next few weeks, but this is a good start. Heck, I’ll throw in a bonus tip for today, why not?

TIP #2 – Go for ANYTHING on! Why, you ask? Simple. We now have a Mother’s Day Sale where EVERYTHING, yes, EVERYTHING is 15% off! So whether your Mom would like a Umbra Fotoflora Photo Frame Vase or a St. Ives Skin Care Gift Bag OrangeOnions has the perfect Mother's Day Gifts for your Mom! Just enter the promo code MOM15 at checkout. So take my advice, no matter who it’s for, you’ll score a lot of points this Mother’s Day!

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