Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mother's Day is Only 10 Days Away!

Well hello everyone!

It’s me again, Oliver, your personal advisor on all things Mother’s Day, to give you yet another useful and most helpful tip for Mother’s Day gifts. So without further ado… (does anyone really know what “ado” means? We’re always so insistent on doing things without FURTHER ado, yet I’m willing to bet the peel off my back that you can’t tell me what “ado” looks like or even what it is. But I digress…). Ladies and Gents, here is my… drum roll…


Never, ever try the old “Honey, of course I know it’s Mother’s Day. I just didn’t buy you a gift because EVERY day is Mother’s Day!”

This is a ploy used by many forgetful, procrastinating and now doomed husbands and Dads this time of year. Trust me on this one. The only positive to come out of this situation is you may end up with a new couch for Father’s Day. To sleep on, that is. So take it from me and don’t forget Mother’s Day. Whether it’s your Mom, wife, whomever; she works hard and deserves some recognition. So log on now to, where you’ll get 15% off your entire purchase! Just enter the promo code MOM15 at checkout. They have everything from the Studio Silversmiths 4 Piece Vanity Reed Diffuser Set to the Timex Women's Brushed Silver Bracelet Watch, and everything ranging from beautiful to cute in between. So be a hero this Mother’s Day.

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