Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Mother's Day Tip for the Procrastinators

Hello again everybody! It’s me Oliver and I have a message for all you procrastinators out there! You see, I am an expert on procrastination. Growing up, I pushed off anything and everything, and it drove my family nuts. My family laughed about it but my Dad didn’t think it was so funny and he went out and bought me a book called “The Procrastinator’s Handbook” to help me break the habit. I hate to admit this, but… I haven’t read it yet (true story). Although if I do ever get around to reading it, I’m sure it will be really helpful. It takes one to know one, so take it from me, and this will be my TIP OF THE DAY:


Or, is it don’t push off until tomorrow what you can do today. Either way, my message to you, my adoring fans out there, is this:

Mother’s Day is HERE. Not next month, not in a couple of weeks. No, it’s this coming Sunday! So put down “The Procrastinator’s handbook” (we all know you’ll never finish it) and go to OrangeOnions.com where you can still get Mom what she REALLY wants! Look, for all you dads and husbands out there; we’ve all been guilty (on occasion) of letting the garbage pile up until it causes a partial Solar eclipse. But you know what? You buy her that Sterling Silver 8” Bracelet with the Heart ID Tag and watch how quickly she’ll forgive and forget! And maybe it takes you 6 months to replace the light bulb in the basement. It’s all fine and dandy. As soon as she lays here eyes on the Solid Wood Anniversary Clock with the Walnut Finish, all will be forgiven, my friends. Even if you have no idea what to get the Mom is your life, use the OrangeOnions Gift Finder to find exactly what she wants.  So no matter who you’re shopping for this Mother’s Day, you still have time to do it right. Not much time, but it’s not too late.

So for all you “Late coming Larrys” or “Push it off Pattys” out there, fear not. We have the Mother’s Day Sale going until May 15th! Just enter the promo code MOM15 and receive 15% off your entire purchase! Don’t procrastinate! I learnt that from a book I once started.

Until next time,
“On time” Oliver

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