Thursday, June 10, 2010

OF GRILLS AND THRILLS… (caution: this page may spontaneously explode)

Hello my Orange friends!

It’s me, Oliver and I’m here to help all you men out there, all you self-proclaimed, Grill Gurus and Barons of the Barbecue! I fondly remember all those Sunday afternoons of my youth, when after a long and exhausting day of watching football, we’d gather around the grill and watch Dad try to get the grill going. It was always an adventure and very often, our neighbors would marvel at the mushroom cloud that would hover over our backyard after Dad finally got that sucker fired up. As kids, we always assumed Dad went bald naturally, and had no idea that his shiny dome was due to an errant fireball, belched up by our gas grill. Ah, the memories!

Fortunately, we survived all those Near Death Experiences and other than suffering from an occasional nightmare in which my childhood home is hurtled into outer space at 17,000 miles an hour by an exploding propane tank with my Dad’s face on it, we’ve all adjusted to lead somewhat normal and well adjusted lives.

And today, ladies and gentlemen, I have some wonderful news for you. My favorite online discount store is proud to introduce you to the Margaritaville Hitch Mount Propane Tailgating Grill! There is nothing else quite like this grill. Let’s face it. We all LOVE to grill, we grill on holidays, weekends and all throughout the spring and summer. Yet, those trips to the state park or the ball game can become quite messy and complicated with your average portable aluminum grill. Well, with THIS grill you can now have the ultimate tailgating experience and actually keep your car squeaky clean and odor free! No more struggling to get the charcoal to light, no more waiting cool down your grill, no more smelling up your car when the grill tips over and the back of your car looks like an oversized ash tray. This grill is the latest and greatest in the world of barbecues and grills!

Impressive, huh? Wait, There’s more. When you order now, you will receive the Margaritaville Grill Cover for the low price of… ZERO DOLLARS! Yes, you read correctly, no need to go back and read it again! When you order now, you will receive the grill cover absolutely FREE (a $39.99 value)! Just put both items in your cart and enter the promo code MGCOVER at checkout.

So this summer, kick back and relax as you enjoy the greatest thing to happen to barbecues since sliced buns. (Just be on the lookout for a house falling from the sky at 17,000 miles an hour. Don’t say I didn’t warn you).

Until next time,
Chef Oliver

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