Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Highly Sensitive Savings! Shhh...

Hello Everybody!

It's me, ******! You know who I am but with all the news reports about all the spying that's going around, I'm being extra careful with my identity. If you want my opinion, all this espionage is just childish and immature. When I was growing up, I NEVER spied on foreign countries, especially those with big, scary nuclear weapons. (My mother would've spanked me.) For crying out loud, can't we all just get along?! The cold war was like, soooooo 1985! We're all friends now, aren't we? If Russia wanted some of our highly sensitive, national secrets, shouldn't Vladimir Putin just be able to pick up his Blackberry and text his good buddy, President Obama something like: "Hey B.O.! Wuzzup buddy? Got any top secret info for me? TTYL! KIT! Love, A&F, your BBF, Poots"

Seriously, people. This has to stop before somebody gets hurt and lots of people end up in jail. Which brings me to my point. While these people are having fun passing all kinds of secret codes between each other (I can't even keep track anymore- was it Russians spying on Americans in Russia? Americans spying on Russians in America? I can't keep score.), you can visit OrangeOnions.com and find all kinds of codes, none of which will land you in a Soviet gulag. There are promotional codes that you can enter at checkout to save even MORE off the great prices you already see while doing your bargain shopping online! For example, you may want to enter "SCHOOL" to save money on your Back to School supplies and rolling backpacks.

Can't find a fun enough code at OrangeOnions??? Sign up for the OrangeOnions Newsletter and they will begin to appear in your inbox. But don't worry, these codes won't spy on your other emails.

Whatever code you may come across, at OrangeOnions, you can have all the fun you want and you'll always find ways to save at this online discount store! So stop by today, I'll be waiting for you! (I'll be wearing a long grey trench coat, dark sunglasses and I'll have a newspaper open in front of me. You never know who's watching.)

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