Friday, July 2, 2010

Now Where Did I Put that Gift????

Hello Everybody!

Its me, Oliver and I'm here to help you find exactly what you're looking for!! Huh? You're not looking for anything? Well, you may not be NOW, but we're always looking for something! We all know that feeling- you're walking around the house, going in circles, looking high and low for your glasses and after about 20 minutes you come to the embarrassing realization... You're actually WEARING THEM. Admit it, you HAVE done this at least once (unless of course you don't HAVE glasses). The truth is, you need not be embarrassed my friend. We are all so busy with our daily lives that we tend to put our bodies in drive without first shifting our brains into gear. Because of that, we all spend insane amounts of time looking for our car keys, umbrellas, receipts, glasses, jackets, caps, boots and occasionally your pet hamster, Ernest, who got loose in your son's sock drawer.

Well I'm here with some REALLY, REALLY good news. There's one thing we all have an IMPOSSIBLE time finding... the PERFECT GIFT. Well, folks, those days are OVER. You know the feeling. 72 hours to go before your son/ daughter/ brother/ sister's graduation/ engagement party/ birthday and you're starting to sweat as you frantically pace the aisles of your local gift shop (the 3rd one you stopped at this afternoon) and you're pulling your hair out. Exasperated after hours of trying to find the perfect gift idea, you put down the plastic "Congrats" bobblehead and vow to come up with an excuse to skip the party. Well its time for you to RELAX!!!

The OrangeOnions discount store has this wonderful little feature appropriately called the "Gift Finder". This magical feature takes the aggravation out of gift finding and makes your life a WHOLE LOT EASIER! You simply click on the gift finder wizard, pull down the drop down menu and click on the "occasion". Whatever the celebration, OrangeOnions is sure to have something perfect for that special someone! Birthday? No problem. Holiday? We got you covered. Your son successfully completed the 92nd level of Mutant Pigs of the Serengeti? Well... Heck, I'm sure there's gift ideas for him too. So check it out today, find a gift and go get dressed because you're GOING to that party. No excuses now.

Well, I'm going to sign off for now. Now, where did I put my pen... Never mind, its propped on my ear.

Until next time,

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