Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rip Van Winkle… What could have been…

Hello everybody!!

It’s me Oliver and I wanted to talk to you about missed opportunities. We’ve all met that friend or family member who ALMOST COULD’VE, OR PROBABLY SHOULD’VE AND DEFINITELY WOULD’VE been the greatest professional (insert profession here) if he/she only had done this or that and the other thing. You have no doubt met this annoying friend or family member at a Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas party or family reunion. Thank goodness there were other people around or you may have strangled that person.

The lesson learned though, is obvious. Life is full of opportunities and when they present themselves, you have to take advantage! At OrangeOnions, they have a feature called the Deal of the Day which gives you an opportunity to take an already incredibly low priced item at an even LOWER price! But you only have 24 hours to act and then it’s on to the next daily deal! You’ve probably heard about Rip Van Winkle, the fellow who slept for 20 years straight and always credited his Bazoongi kids fun fleece slumber bag for what he called "the most comfortable 20 year sleep I’ve ever had". What you may not know, however, is that according to some historians, upon awakening, Rip went straight to his favorite discount online shopping site to purchase a coffee maker and was ready to start the day off fresh. But then it hit him! Those LOST OPPORTUNITIES! He realized that while he slept, he missed out on 7,300 DAILY DEALS! Broken and depressed by that horrible realization, Rip lived out the rest of his days bemoaning those daily deals that got away while he slept. The Van Winkle family stopped having parties altogether because of Rip’s incessant complaining.

So listen up my friends, take a lesson from Rip and don’t let opportunities pass you by! Check out the Deal of the Day today! (And every day for that matter).

Until next time,
Oliver Van Onion

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