Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Now THAT is something you hear kids say ALL the time, right? Don't your kids just LOVE homework?? Of course they do! IF they're aliens from planet Zenon. Here on Earth, however, kids enjoy homework about as much as they enjoy getting their cavities filled. After spending a long day at school, the average kid will probably not be TOO thrilled to do 40 math problems and write a report on the 18 species of apes found in Ecuador. But that is exactly what they do. And parents dread the daily battles; pleading, begging and cajoling their little ones to do their homework. In fact, this is why many parents give up the struggle and do the homework themselves. This explains why many kids who would have a tough time tying their own shoes come in with science projects that look like they can be on display at the Smithsonian. That's because the only part of the project done by little Bobby was the part where he scrawled his name on the back of it.

Well, OrangeOnions has many solutions to cure the homework blues. For starters, check out the selection of Disney Children's desks. Priced at under $50.00, these adorable desks will make your child RUN to do homework. Ok, maybe not run, but it will make it tolerable! And don't stop there. They have nearly 250 Back to School deals, which equals 250 ways to make homework that much easier. Plus, with the Back to School Sale, you'll save more money in the process. So stop by today! Happy discount shopping!

Oh, and you, Bobby's mom; the Nobel society called to tell you that they have rejected your Volcano as a possible Nobel prize winner in the "Great Advances in Chemistry" category.

Your Homework Hero,

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