Monday, August 30, 2010

Surprise! Your Wallet Just Got Heavier!

Surprise everybody! Don't you love to hear that word?! Everybody loves a good surprise. Well, I should qualify that statement- everybody loves to be on the RECEIVING end of a good surprise. Then there are those dedicated individuals who seem to make it their life mission to pull surprises on their friends and families and everyone in between. Like my Dad for example. He made such a habit out of surprising Mom on her birthday that one year she actually set the table for her own surprise party, knowing full well that Dad would come in the door with a cake in his hand! Either way, surprises can be fun.

Then there are those surprises that are not quite as fun; such as discovering that the "mud" all over the bottom of your shoe is in fact, not "mud" at all. Or, when you run out the door to go pick up your kids' carpool, only to discover that you locked your keys in the car. Those kinds of surprises we can live without.

At OrangeOnions, they don't like bad surprises either... so you'll NEVER have to worry about buying a toy for $9.99 and discovering that you were charged $49.99 for shipping and handling. You can relax and breathe easier while bargain shopping knowing that the MOST you'll pay on shipping is $6.99. PLUS, when you order over $89, your shipping is absolutely FREE! How's THAT for a nice surprise!? I don't know about you, but saving money is one of my favorite kinds of surprises. Sure beats the just-returned-from-vacation-and-discovered-your-basement-is-full-of-water kind of surprise, doesn't it??? I thought so.

Until next time,
Sir Surprise-A-Lot

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