Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween is Fun! (No, really. It is.)

Well folks, the good ol' holiday of Halloween is fast approaching and the question on everybody's mind is of course this:

Why do we insist on abbreviating the word "old" and using the word " ol' " when it doesn't really make the word any shorter??

Truth is, we're also wondering what we can do to make the holiday extra special. I'm sure you all know the deep meanings behind Halloween. The word Halloween comes from the Latin words "Hallow" (meaning Egg your Neighbor's) and "Ween" (meaning House). Unless you've been living in some far away Galaxy you probably already knew that.

You also probably know by now that the average Halloween will cost a typical family of 4 between $18,000 and 5 zillion dollars a year between costumes, candies, pumpkins, decorations and your children's post Halloween dentist bills. What you may NOT have known about are the Scary Halloween Deals going on right now at my favorite Online Discount Store to help ease the burden on your wallet. PLUS, right now you can enter to win 1 of 4 Inflatable Deer Halloween Costumes! Now THAT'S a scary good deal! So stop by OrangeOnions today and make this Halloween your best one ever!

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Now go get in the joyous, holiday spirit and Hallow your neighbor's Ween. We're sure they'll love and appreciate your good natured holiday spirit!

Until next time,
Oliver, thankfully not an egg, the Orange Onion

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