Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Move Over Otto!

Hello there everybody! It's me Oliver and I'm here to share with you some exciting news! We've all heard the expression "the greatest thing since sliced bread" but, with all due respect to Otto Frederick Rohwedder (yes, that was his REAL name), the inventor of the bread slicing machine; that expression is about to go the way of rotary phones and tape recorders. Because, NOW, ladies and gentlemen (and oranges and onions), there is a new product sweeping the American landscape that will spawn the following term 50 years from now:


This incredible invention allows you to make delectable homemade soups in just 30 minutes without having to wash a single pot! It's a heated blender that's easy to use and with winter fast approaching, there's no better way to warm up! This is NOT to take anything away from Mr. Rohwedder, because let’s admit it: Sliced bread is pretty cool.

*Little interesting side note* – although his invention first hit the market in 1928, he was actually close to putting it out 11 years earlier but a fire destroyed the factory where he worked, destroying his blueprints, prototype and setting him back financially. Needing funding and having to start all over, the world would have to wait 11 years to enjoy sliced bread. You can file that nugget away under: "Completely useless, yet interesting bits of information that may or may not come in handy one day".

Well, anyway, while doing your online discount shopping this holiday season, stop by OrangeOnions and pick up an Electric Soup Maker... the greatest thing since sliced bread!

P.S. please be considerate and refrain from using orange onions in your soup. On behalf of orange onions everywhere, I sincerely thank you for your consideration.

Until next time,

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